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It appears that some changes might of been made to the Facebook page settings that prevents everyone seeing 100% of your page posts….want to know more?…

At the moment, when you post anything to your page that someone has Liked or Subscribed to, a figure of only 15% of your intended audience is going to see that status update according to Lockergnome . The only way to guarantee that 100% of your audience will see what you posted is to pay Facebook.

We believe that a fee of around $49 today makes sure that all of your subscribers get to see what they should be seeing when they opted into seeing it in the first place.

Facebook fan imageWhen you subscribe to a Facebook page, you have to hover over that button and also turn on Notifications. Then, you should also create an “Interest List” and/or add that page to an existing Interest List.
It’s tough enough to get people to subscribe to your page in the first place, we feel that you shouldn’t be required to pay Facebook to show my subscribers how they can get what they’ve already asked to see.

Dont get us wrong…Facebook can be a useful tool but this information is not something that we welcome, this must be related to Facebook’s recent flotation on the stock market and a real need to make money per registered person.

If you’d like, feel free to share (without charge) the photo post on Facebook to warn your friends and fans about this, too….spread the word.

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